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Vibrant colours and simple, stylised images capture the reader’s attention from the very first page of this book. Produced by Kids And Beyond, it tells the story of Marcel the bookworm, who shelters from winter storms in an apple. As the weather gets colder, his magical apple spills out books for him to read during his hibernation.


As the seasons slowly change, Marcel starts to share his books with many new friends. Spring turns into summer then fades quietly into autumn; time passes in a wealth of colour and gentle animation. But when the next winter snow takes hold, Marcel’s friends are so busy enjoying their books that they scarcely notice the cold.


The poignant ending leaves plenty of room for reflection as Marcel, watching from his new perch in the sky, understands the power of stories. And this touching story will enthral any young reader with an emotional power of its own.


Educational value: story telling, reading images, seasons, life cycle


Age: 3-6

Fun rating 4/5

Educational rating 4/5


This app was written for every child who loves books and loves to share them with special people. If you have ever called your child a bookworm, this is an app for you.


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